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IDLocationBed/BathMin. StayRateTypeMonthly Availability
OAL351Alhambra Rd. - Venice Island3/21 moCallHouseCall
OBA94Base Ave. - Venice Island2/11 moHouseCall
OBD70Baynard Dr. - Venice Island3/21 moCallHouseCall
OS217Boca Royale3/23 mo$4500HouseJune-Dec 2023
OCC00Classico Ct. - Gran Paradiso - Private Pool4/2.5CallCallHouseCall
OC35Cumberland Rd 1330 2/21 Mo$1800/moHouseMay- Dec 31 2023
OHD206Harbor Dr. - Venice Island2/21 moCallHouseJ/F/M 2024
OLD22Layton Drive - Ventura Village3/23 mo$2500/moHouseMay 15-Oct 15 2023
OMD356McDermott Ct. - Boca Royale3/2Call$2500/moVillaCall
ONA15Narvaezi St. - Venice Island2/21 moCallHouseCall
OOD130Oxford Dr. - Venice Gardens2/21 moCallHouseCall
ORIZ347Rizzuto St. - Island Walk - Pool3/26 moCallHouseCall
ORR5Roma Rd. - Venice Isles - Pool2/21 mo$2400HouseCall
OSL42Southlake-Venice-Pool- Clubhouse2/21 mo$2950HouseMay, July-Nov 2023
OWPT397White Pine Tree Rd. - Bird Bay Village - Pool2/23 moCallVillaCall

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700 W. Venice, Ave. Venice, Florida 34285

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