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IDLocationBed/BathMin. StayRateTypeMonthly Availability
SAL351Alhambra Rd.3/21 mo$3900/moHouseN/D/Ap 2018
SBR43Beverly Rd.2/21 mo$3200/moHouseM/Ap 2018
SCO212Columbine Rd.3/21 mo$2800/moHouseN/D/F/M/Ap 2018
SCR217Coronado Rd.3/21 mo$3500/moHouseN/D/Ap 2018
SCDA125Corte Del Asolo2/2.51 mo$4500/moHouseN/D/J/F 2018
SCR113Crane Rd.3/21 mo$3400/moHouseN/D/Ap 2018
SED0Escalante Dr.3/21 mo$3000/moHouseN/D/M/Ap 2018
SFR48Flamingo Rd.2/21 mo$2900/moHouseAp 2018
SHD206Harbor Dr.2/21 mo$3000/moHouseN/D 2017
SJV4Jetty Villa2/21 mo$4900/moVillaJ 2018
SLA50Laurel Ave.4/21 mo$3400/moHouseN/D/Ap 2018
SMR117Meadow Run Dr. 2/21 mo$2700/moHouseN/D/Ap 2018
SOC107Oakwood Cir.2/21 mo$3600/moHouseN/D/Ap 2018
SOD130Oxford Dr.2/21 mo$2300/moHouseN/D 2018
SPL9Plover Rd.2/1.51 mo$2650/moHouseN/D/J/F/M/Ap 2018
SRT115Rio Terra3/21 mo$4500/moHouseAp 2018
SRR5Roma Road2/21 mo$2600/moHouseD/J/F/M/Ap 2018
SSW74Sandlewood Dr.2/21 mo$3000/moHouseAp 2018
STW329Tennyson Way3/21 mo$3800/moHouseD/J/F/M/Ap 2018
STW96Turin St. West2/11 mo$2700/moHouseAp 2018
SUR23Urbino St. 2/21 mo$2400/moHouseD/J/F/M/A
SWDO37West Douglas Rd.2/21 mo$2750/moHouseN/D/Ap 2018
SWIS344Wisteria Rd.2/21 mo$2500/moHouseN/D/Ap 2018
SWW132Wordsworth Way3/21 mo$4200/moHouseD/J/F/M/Ap 2018

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700 W. Venice, Ave. Venice, Florida 34285
941-484-8080 or 1-800-366-0984

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